Marcos Frota

"The Work of Dr. Vinholis is revolutionary, and simple, it is a way for you to be reborn, it has greatly improved my health".
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Germano Carraro
José Maria Corado
"I’m 71 years old, I had pains, and the Therapy into the pool helped me with my body fitness with results in short and long term.”
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Salete Bacarim
Salete Bacarim

“I had six brain tumors, fibroids, arthritis, rhinitis, etc. Everything was resolved with the treatment of Dr.Vinholis. Now I feel totally healthy! It’s a fantastic treatment!"

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Ana Maria
"I’m 60 years old. I learned how to organize my time and my health, the SPA is wonderful"
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  Luiz Carlos Jansen-diagnosis-Psoriasis.

Before the treatment: After 8 months of treatment:
Salete Bacarim Salete Bacarim

Livro A
                        Dieta Ideal
Avoid the development of diseases
Degenerative Aging
Cardiovascular Depression
  Obesity Cancer and tumors in general.

Fibromyalgia and Migraines.



           I came to Brazil just to do the treatment with Dr. Vinholis after saw a result in one of Dr. Vinholis ‘s chronic patient that I follow in the US, when he was there. I can say without any doubt, I’ve never been so examined by any doctor in my life. Dr. David Auten - Atlanta,Georgia - USA.


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